I am a professional writer, editor, content creator, and content strategist. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Professional Writing with an emphasis in Digital Media from the Oregon Institute of Technology. I have professional experience in public relations, social media management, print and broadcast media, content strategy, technical editing, and administration.

This is a portfolio of academic, professional, and creative work in written, visual, and auditory modalities. My degree and experiences have trained me in management, content strategy, mass and multimodal media, technical writing, technical editing, document design, public relations, copywriting, proposal and grant writing, and advanced writing styles.

I have a passion for people centered content. Readers and users are the most important part of what I do.

When I’m not writing, I am doing yoga, playing video games, reading, walking, and hanging out with my cats, Misao and Sylvie.

Brette Bliss smiling, standing in front of a brick wall