Videos for Sky Lakes Medical Center

At Sky Lakes I am the lead in-house videographer and video editor for small projects. Below are videos I put together to provide incoming pharmacy residents with a tour of our facilities and promote our Diabetes Prevention Program.

Narrative Pitch

I wrote a personal narrative to connect what I have learned as a professional writing student as a pitch for my program. Then I took that pitch and presented it in a video. I condensed the content from my original pitch to make the video shorter. I filmed all the footage used and edited this video using iMovie.

​This project challenged me to use a narrative in ways I hadn’t considered before.

Adobe Suite

In my document design course, I created an Adobe Suite portfolio to illustrate my proficiency in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. The projects I created were generally more fun in nature than they were serious. I created collages, edited images, put together a fake newsletter, made logos, and designed t-shirts for a made up pro-wrestling team.

This project allowed me to learn the basics of the Adobe Suite I had yet to use before (I was familiar with Premiere already). After this project I trained the graphic designer for the student newspaper to use InDesign to create our newspapers for publication. I also created a logo for my personal blog and redesigned an old logo the student newspaper used years ago.

YouTube Videos

I took two digital media courses in the same term that were focused around filming and editing short form videos and other digital mediums. 

Both videos were fun projects that allowed me to practice and learn and practice filmography, editing, and subtitles/captions. I edited both videos using Adobe Premiere. 



This podcast was created during a digital media course. The content is a parody of the popular fiction podcast “Welcome to NightVale” based on the city of Klamath Falls in Southern Oregon. The content of the podcast was written and edited by me in Adobe Premiere. The audio was recorded and narrated by Rochelle Banta.