I created this video using a limited amount fo footage shot overt the course of one weekend in 2017 for a digital media course. The assignment was to create short video (under to minutes) about anything we wanted. My family had just had a sudden death and I was limited in what I could film and how much time I had to work on the assignment. I filmed my cousin Beth and my family over a long weekend and pieced together some content based on my interactions with my family. In this assignment I practiced filming, editing, and storytelling.
For this video, I used the same footage as the video above for the same reasons I used the footage in the previous video. This video was for a different class and assignment. I used more footage of my family. I decided to make a meme inspired video (based on unnecessary censorship videos in the early days of YouTube). Because of the content, this project is a necessary and unnecessary censorship video. I practiced filming, editing, storytelling, and creating accurate captions (they are necessary for this video).
This video was a group collaboration between myself and a classmate, Rochelle Banta. This assignment required us to include elements from a class generated bingo card. Our video needed to be about eight minutes long, include elements from a specific genre (we chose found footage) include the fountain from Oregon Tech, a sweet roll, a makeup tutorial,
Disney princesses down on their luck, the Oregon Tech “O”, an animal dressed as a human, and McDonalds. In this project I filmed, acted, and edited. Rochelle filmed, acted, and wrote our captions.