I create a variety of written and multimodal content professionally. In addition to writing internal content for my employer, this page includes samples of my work from professional contributions to academic projects from my Bachelor’s degree.

Live Smart Magazine

Live Smart is a regional health and wellness magazine that publishes digitally and in print on a seasonal schedule. I collaborate with contributors, select contributors, and edit articles in addition to writing and photographing for the magazine. Below are works I have contributed to the magazine.


Press Releases

I regularly write or edit media releases for Sky Lakes Medical Center. Below are two press releases I wrote at the beginning of my employment.



Content Strategy Internship

I was a content strategy intern for Oregon Tech’s Business Management Department. During my internship I worked on one large project which was rewriting the content for each degree program’s web page and optimizing the content for google. I refined my ability to research keywords, develop search engine optimized content, and strategize my approach to web content.

User Research and Usability Testing: STC Puget Sound Chapter Website

During my Usability Testing course, I worked alongside the Society of Technical Communication Puget Sound Chapter to test their website for usability. I worked with two other students on this project. The project included persona development, card sorting, a heuristic evaluation, usability testing using proxy users, using Morae software, and report development.

Mock Non-Profit Materials The Teaching Consent Project

This is a portfolio of the work I created for a Writing in the Public Interest course. I created a mock non-profit based on an interest of mine, advocating for consent education.

This project includes a white paper, an identity sampler (mission and vision statements, social media posts), an advocacy sampler (letter to the editor, Op-ed, and infographic), and a fundraising sampler (Fundraising insert and thank you letter). 

I explored a variety of genres in this assignment, and learned a few more. This project was only a simulation of what I might make if I wrote for a non-profit. 

Integrated Marketing Campaign for the Professional Writing Degree

My team, The OIT Special (Ben Hood, Damian Johnson, Byan Wada, and myself) created an integrated marketing campaign for the professional writing program when the program was very new in 2018. This project went beyond the general SWOT analysis required in other business courses.

We conducted interviews of current PWR students, surveyed students outside of the program to gauge student perceptions, created personas, developed a creative brief, put together a budget, and presented our plan to Dr. Franny Howes, program director of the Professional Writing Program.

Klamath Falls Small Business Content Strategy Heuristic

I developed an online content strategy heuristic for small, rural businesses in Klamath Falls by analyzing what small businesses already use for their online pressence and analyzing the usefulness of those methods considering local demographics and need.

​This project required me to analyze existing quantitative data, conduct content audits, perform a large scale audience analysis, compare exiting audience information with current practices with local small businesses, and develop a content strategy heuristic.

Communication Research: Misrepresentation of Romantic Relationships

This study investigated individual’s likeliness to misrepresent a romantic relationship based on two sub-scales, fabrication and concealment. The study itself did not yield significant difference between male and female respondents, but did provide meaningful information into individual’s inclination to deceive, potentially as a means to avoid conflict.​

This research was submitted to and presented at the Northwest Communication Association Conference.​

This project taught me how to ethically collect large data samples, analyze quantitative data, and present data.

Klamath Falls Clubhouse International Technical Report

This document was initially the final paper for a technical writing course in 2016. The local Klamath Falls’ National Alliance on Mental Illness contact, Rebecca McNair, provided me with documents and her expertise in community mental health care as my technical reader. In exchange, I gave my finished tech report to the Klamath Falls NAMI for them to use alongside their proposal to bring a Clubhouse International to the Klamath Basin. 

​I continue to advocate for mental health care reform and mental health management.